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  • Song Law Firm had a year-end dinner. 12/31/2015
    Song Law Firm had a year-end dinner to celebrate year-end.  Mr.Song personally delivered a message with appreciation to the contribution of employees for law firm’s growth in year 2015.  We also welcomed our new interns.  We shared our goal to upgrade our legal service level to the clients and to be the one of the best law firms in eastern part of the United States.  Thank you so much for all your support this year! 
  • Paralegal wanted 11/16/2015
    Paralegal position is open 
  • Korean TV Channel’s special interview in our office 11/11/2015
    Today, we had a special interview with Mr. Ko, the reporter from SBS, one of the major broadcasting companies in Korea, for its program “Curious Story Y”. The program, as one of the most influential programs, introduces current social, political, and cultural issues and discuss about them. They are very interested in the firm’s U.S. Army Sergeant’s forgery and bigamy case. The interview will be aired at 8:55pm next Friday (Nov. 20, 2015).
  • Fox News Interview at our office 11/10/2015
    One of the firm’s cases has received enormous interest from the public. In the case, our client is a victim of bigamy and forgery by a US Army sergeant. Ms. Sibile Marcellus from FOX News visited the office on Nov. 9 and had an interview with us regarding the case. It was our strategy to get media attention on this case to draw the attention of government bodies such as the U.S. army and Korean National Police Agency. As we expected, they recently decided to reconsider this case.
  • 송동호 대표변호사의 인터뷰가 뉴저지정보 커버스토리로 다루어 졌습니다. 09/01/2015
    뉴저지 정보에서는 저희 송동호 종합로펌이 고객 중심주의 서비스로 뉴저지 법률 시장에 신선한 바람을 일으키고 있다고 평하며, 미국 전역에서 인정 받는 로펌으로의 성장을 기대하였습니다.  Song Law Firm은 고객과 함께 성장할 것입니다. 
  • Mr. Oh Kyun Gong, the legend of Daejeon Citizen FC, visited Song Law Firm HQ today.07/31/2015

    Mr. Oh Kyun Gong is a well-known soccer player of Daejeon Citizen FC (http://www.dcfc.co.kr/intro.php) in Korea.  Now, he is actively playing his role as a coach in Australia and China. Song Law Firm welcomes him to the USA and expects his big role as a coach in the U.S. soccer league.
  • Song Law Firm’s BBQ 201506/26/2015
    Song Law Firm had an annual BBQ on June 19th, 2015 at Ross Dock Picnic area in Fort Lee, NJ. The BBQ was a fun-filled day that gave us a chance to kick back, relax, enjoy good food, and get to know each other better. We appreciate the participation of all employees and summer interns for making it a memorable event and expecting a bigger BBQ for next year.

  • 2015 Summer Internship Program has begun at Song Law Firm05/27/2015

    At Song law firm, we run internship programs during the summer and winter breaks to provide law school students the opportunity to get hands-on experience and learn about qualifications as a lawyer such as moral foundation and customer service. This year, we have decided to give the opportunity to an undergraduate student so she could experience early on what it is like to be working as a lawyer.

    The following are the interns working with us this summer:

    Hanwen Tang (2L, Columbia Law School)

    Nari Oh (2L, Minnesota Law School)

    Jessica Margulis (1L, Fordham Law School)

    Rachel Kim (Rutgers University)

    It is our hope that these interns will join Song Law Firm as associate attorneys in the future.  

    We wish you a great summer break, enjoy!

    Please click on the link below to find more about the internship at Song Law Firm.


  • The First H-1B approval this year.05/20/2015

    The beneficiaries for H-1B whose petitions were selected at lottery must have been waiting to get the results with much anticipation. We received the first approval notice of an H-1B cap case. We are expecting more good news for our clients.

  • Song Law Firm opens a mobile website.05/11/2015

    Song Law Firm opens a mobile website that can be viewed on your iPhone or Android device. Please visit this link using your mobile device.  www.songlawfirm.com
  • Happy 15th birthday to Korean Bergen News05/01/2015

    Song Law Firm celebrates 15 years of Korean Bergen News on April 24th. Korean Bergen News has been the voice of the Korean communities in New Jersey. As a legal partner, we wish all the best to Korean Bergen News.
  • Song Law Firm has opened a Facebook page.04/26/2015

    Song Law Firm has opened its Facebook page. It will provide real-time updates of USCIS news and useful legal information. We will do our best to deliver useful information to you on time. Please visit our Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/songlawfirmllc. We will look forward to meeting you there.
  • Opening a New Website for Song Law Firm04/05/2015
    Song Law Firm has opened its new website to deliver information more efficiently. The new website will be serviced in English, Chinese, and Korean. We will do our best to provide most up-to-date legal news and information in a prompt and accurate manner.
  • Song law Firm’s litigation team becomes even stronger by the joining of Roy Mossi, Esq.04/05/2015
    Roy Mossi, an attorney with over 30 years of litigation experience, started his career by concentrating on the defense of negligence and product liability claims, including the representation of a multitude of fortune 500 companies. Afterwards he extended his litigation expertise to a number of large personal injury lawsuits and has won a number of high-profile cases such as “Magnifico v. Rutgers Casualty Insurance Co.” with his superior ability in legal analysis and drafting argumentation. As a result of his success, the court has recognized his ability as an attorney with superb skill and expertise, and he is now a court-recognized Mediator.

    Mr. Mossi is a philanthropist who values the contribution to communities. He understands the importance of an attorney’s social responsibility.  Therefore, he is currently servicing at the Maywood Rotary, The Friends of the Maywood Library and The Bergen Country Historical Society.  With bar admissions in New Jersey, New York and Florida, Song Law Firm expects great contributions from him to our firm’s litigation team, making it stronger.
  • Selected as a legal partner of Korean Bergen News04/05/2015
    Song Law Firm has been selected as a legal partner of Korean Bergen News (koreanbergennews.com). Korean Bergen News has been gaining reputation as a leading newspaper providing useful life information to the Korean Community in New Jersey.

    As a legal partner, Song Law Firm will provide knowledgeable and reliable legal explanations about main issues that arise from the Korean Community and information about legal matters that Korean-Americans might have in common.

    Song Law Firm, the growing national law firm in the North-East region of the U.S., will do our best to make a continuous contribution to the Korean Community.