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Education, as they say, opens doors. Your child’s interests and rights, however, may be compromised in the face of academic-related disputes or issues, and when they are, those doors may permanently slam shut.

Strong legal advocacy provided by Song Law Firm’s attorneys specializing in education law incorporates effective preventative action to stop this from occurring, and we will fight to protect you and your child’s rights to fair treatment and opportunities in academia from grade school to grad school, and many other levels of special, sensitive or early childhood placements. We advocate for you from matters as far-ranging as disciplinary actions and placement/testing accommodations to imminent and active threats to your child’s safety including verbal, physical, and cyber bullying among others.

Coming to Song Law Firm first ensures the lifetime investment you and your child have made continues to flourish and that a deserving young student’s goals in life will not be held back by an education, deterred.

Practice Areas

- Bullying
- Discrimination
- Immigration Support for International Students
- School Safety
- Special Education
- Student Discipline and Conduct
- Student Rights
- Testing Accommodations