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Corporate Clients

Our attorneys strive for excellence in everything they do. They are not only knowledgeable in corporate and commercial law but also highly experienced in business matters.

Our attorneys have extensive and varying experiences in running their own businesses and working in major companies as well as having Master Degrees in Business.

Proficient in both executive ability and theory, Song Law Firm’s attorneys provide satisfying service to clients by having corporate legal experience, a deep understanding of Korean business culture, and an accurate understanding of the law.

Song Law Firm, we measure our success by the success of our clients.
We want to be your best business partner.

  • Coporate Maintenance Program
  • Your Corporate Counsel Program
  • Success Stories of Corporate Clients

Businesses that choose the Corporate Maintenance Program retain our firm for one year in an annually renewable contract. Through this program, our firm helps corporate clients resolve legal issues with reasonable prices.

Song Law Firm’s corporate clients who take advantage of this program can receive top-notch consultation as well as solve legal matters with discounted prices.

If you have more questions please email it to management@songlawfirm.com

What is our Corporate Counsel Program?

It requires many types of expenses to maintain a legal team.
Due to the high costs, most businesses are unable to afford their own legal team.

If your business does not have its own legal team and you are not interested in partnering with our firm for a year in our Corporate Maintenance Program, then you can still retain us for cases with our Corporate Counsel Program.

The Corp Counsel Program allows our clients to have their own team of attorneys without the long term commitment and constant concerns of maintaining their own legal team. With this program, Song Law Firm proudly offers our clients a large firm capability with a small firm efficiency

At Song Law Firm, we provide highly individualized and catered service based on the specific needs of your business. With our astute legal minds and combined diverse experiences, our attorneys are able to create flexible strategies targeted to accomplish what our client’s want while also predicting future developments that may occur in the case.

Song Law Firm’s Your Corporate Counsel Program allows our corporate clients to have highly attentive professional and personalized representation for their cases. We provide clear and practical service to ensure that our clients always understand the present situation. Let us help you to comprehend your legal matters, solve them efficiently, and prevent future legal risks with our counseling services.

If you have more questions please email it to management@songlawfirm.com

Song law Firm provides legal services for any and all legal issues that may occur in the process of first establishing, extending, growing, and becoming a major corporation.

We are fully committed to transforming your business into a success by partnering with you and ensuring that your legal challenges are handled wisely.

We have a history of providing a wide array of legal services to a number of corporate clients in a successful and satisfactory manner.