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  • [Interview] 이민자, 탈북자, 망명자들의 희망 동반자, 이동원 변호사 인터뷰12/14/2016
  • Song Law Firm's Christmas Party & Year-end Dinner for Year 201612/14/2016
    Song Law Firm held its annual Christmas party and year-end dinner on December 8. Executives, attorneys and staff from the headquarters gathered together at Pier 115 Bar & Grill and had a wonderful time with the amazing Manhattan view and good vibes.

    Attorney's job is very fast paced and stressful. In daily work, Song Law Firm's attorneys spend part of their work time at courts. It is occasional that all the employees have a chance to meet up together and enjoy a relaxing moment. Mr. Dongho Song, the managing member of Song Law Firm started the party with a champagne toast. "This year went so fast." Mr. Song said, " I thank you all for your dedication and loyalty to the company. Let's wish we have another successful year ahead! "

    The most exciting part of the party was gift exchange. Everyone was so curious who his or her secret Santa was. Knowing whom you would give gift to, everyone also prepared a tailored gift in advance. All the gifts that were put under the Christmas tree in our headquarter office were finally unwrapped. We were excited to receive gifts such as gift card from massage store, coffee maker or note book from Moleskine.

    In 2016, Song Law Firm achieved a new record in its business thanks to all the clients that trusted us. In the upcoming new year, Song Law Firm will continue to strive and provide the most reliable and knowledgeable legal services to all clients.

    Song Law Firm wishes all clients a happy holiday!  
  • [Careers] Chinese Legal Staff Assistant and Marketing Manager 11/29/2016
  • Song Law Firm Successfully Held Legal Seminar at Binghamton University11/08/2016
    More and more Chinese students and their parents are looking for U.S. immigration options other than traditional employment-based immigrations. On Nov. 4, Song Law Firm successfully held a legal seminar at Binghamton University in New York. Mr. Dongho Song, Esq., the managing member of Song Law Firm, and Ms. Qi Yang, Esq., Associate Attorney, introduced several ways to immigrate to the U.S. including EB-5, Immigrant Investor Program.

    "For students only with Bachelor's degree, the total cap of H-1B in 2016 was 65,000, which means the success rate of the lottery was about 20%, " said Ms. Yang. Most students who attended the seminar were undergraduate students. Although they still have two to three more years in school before graduation, they already started worrying about their visa status. Ivy, a freshman at Binghamton University, asked “Can I get a green card if my parents purchase a house for 500,000USD under my name in the U.S.?”  Wang, a junior student, asked "If I set up my own company in the U.S. after graduation, what should I do? How long would it take and how much would it cost? "

    From Ivy's question, we can tell that many people still have a lot of misunderstandings about the EB-5 Program.  "Purchasing a house has nothing to do with getting a green card," said Mr. Song. The purpose of the EB-5 program is to stimulate the U.S. economy through job creation and capital investment by foreign investors. In order to get a green card, foreign investors have to invest at least 500,000 USD in a regional center that approved by the USCIS and that regional center program creates certain number of jobs for U.S. citizens. "Purchasing a house is not counted as a risky investment and doesn't create any jobs. When the value of the house goes up, you are the person who will benefit from it, not any other U.S citizens, " Mr. Song explained.

    In recent years, Song Law Firm has helped many Chinese overseas students to open their own companies in the U.S. as well as helped many domestic entrepreneurs to set up branches in the U.S. and then filed L-1 visas for them to work and live in the U.S.  Ms. Yang introduced that there are different types of companies you can set up in the U.S., such as Sole Proprietorship, General Partnership, Limited Liability Company, Corporation etc. Each company type has its own advantages and disadvantages. Registering a business is not difficult at all in the U.S. Take C corporation for example, in New York, the filling fee is 125USD and usually you can complete the registration in one day.  
    Since the fall of 2016, Song Law Firm has held legal seminars at Stony Brook University, Korean Association at the Albany Love Church and Columbia University Medical Center. "Song Law Firm is well trusted by our clients because of our aggressive and high-quality service. Through such legal seminars, we hope more people would get to know us and let us assist them to achieve their American dreams," said Mr. Song, the managing member of Song Law Firm.  
  • Song Law Firm Successfully Held Legal Seminar at Columbia University Medical Center11/04/2016
    On November 3, Song Law Firm successfully held an immigration legal seminar at Columbia University Medical Center (CUMC). Mr. Dongho Song, Esq., the managing member of Song Law Firm and Ms. Qi Yang, Esq., Associate Attorney, introduced several ways to stay in the U.S. for Chinese international students with scientific education.

    From an international student to an American lawyer, Ms. Yang explained complicated immigration laws and regulations with the examples from her own experience. When introducing about OPT application, Ms. Yang reminded students that even though the approval rate of OPT is higher than 95%, they must pay attention to the application deadline and the eligibility.

    Last year, USCIS received a total of 236,000 H-1B applications, but the cap of H-1b for fiscal year 2016 was only 85,000. "Do a simple math and you can tell how fierce the competition is." In addition to H-1B, Ms. Yang introduced other immigration options and working visas such as NIW and O-1.

    Since USCIS doesn't give a clear definition of "national interest", how your immigration attorney convinces USCIS officials becomes more important in NIW petition. In the seminar, Ms. Yang cited two previous NIW cases that Song Law Firm successfully handled to showcase how well immigration attorneys at Song Law Firm prepared the petition packages for clients.

    Currently working with the CUMC, Mr. Guo said that the content of the seminar was very helpful. He is actually thinking about applying for employment-based immigration and is looking for an immigration attorney.  He has great interest to discuss his case with Mr. Song and Ms. Yang later. Mr. Ji, a biostatistics major student at CUMC said that "Ms. Yang's lecture was easy to understand. During the whole seminar, I was following with what she was saying carefully."

    Since the fall of 2016, Song Law Firm has held legal seminars at Stony Brook University and Korean Association at the Albany Love Church. "We will continue to do this type of legal seminars, and we hope to help more international students and business people to achieve their American dreams," said Mr. Song, the managing member of Song Law Firm LLC.
  • 송동호 종합로펌, 올바니 한인회와 함께 올바니 사랑의 교회에서 법률 세미나 개최 10/31/2016

    송동호 종합로펌은 정보에 소외된 지역에 거주하는 한인들과 유학생들을 직접 찾아가는 법률 세미나를 개최를 통해서 이들과의 소통의 창구를 이어가고 있다. 특히 이번 세미나를 공동 주최한 송동호 종합로펌의 송동호 대표 변호사는 “한인들이 많이 사는 곳에 거주하는 교민들은 양질의 정보를 쉽게 구할 수 있다. 하지만 올바니와 같이 한인 커뮤니티의 규모가 작은 경우에는 이런 기회가 적을 수 밖에 없다. 고객들의 신뢰를 바탕으로 네셔널 로펌에서 글로벌 로펌으로 급성장 중에 있는 우리는, 거주지에 상관 없이 모든 교민들이 차별없이 좋은 법률 정보를 접할 수 있도록 직접 찾아가는 세미나를 제공하고 있다.”며 로펌의 사회 환원 프로그램의 하나로 앞으로도 정기적으로 정보에 소외된 지역을 직접 찾아다니며 법률 세미나를 개최하겠다는 의지를 밝혔다.  

  • 송동호 종합로펌은 시민참여센터를 지원합니다. 10/28/2016
    대표적인 한국계 미국 로펌으로 송동호 종합 로펌은 미국 내 한인들의 인권신장과 권리 보호를 위해 힘쓰고 있습니다. 송동호 종합 로펌은 무료 법률 상담이나 시민단체에 대한 무료 법률 조언을 통해 그 동안 사회적 책임을 다하는 종합 로펌으로 많은 노력을 해 왔습니다. 이러한 활동의 일환으로 지난 달에는 뉴욕에 위치한 시민참여센터에 기부를 하였습니다.미비한 금액이지만 미국 내 한인들의 인권신장과 권리 보호를 위해 사용되기를 바라는 마음입니다. 앞으로도 송동호 종합로펌은 사회적 책임을 다하는 한국계 로펌으로 한인들의 자부심이 되도록 노력하겠습니다.
  • 2016년 하반기 송동호 종합로펌 채용공고 (6 open positions)10/27/2016
  • [Interview] 미 대사관 출신의 이민팀 장정원 과장 인터뷰10/20/2016
  • Song Law Firm welcomes Attorney Jin Han to the firm as a senior legal counsel.10/17/2016
    Song Law Firm welcomes Attorney Jin Han to the firm as a senior legal counsel. Mr. Han focuses his practice on criminal law, personal injury, and malpractice litigation.

    “Jin Han, Esq. is a formal NYC prosecutor and graduated from Harvard Law School.” said Dongho Song, Esq., the managing member of the firm. “We are pleased to have him as our legal counsel.”

    Jin Han, Esq. received his Juris Doctor of Law from Harvard Law School. He received a bachelor’s degree from the same university. He brings to his practice extensive experience in criminal law. Jin Han, Esq. is a member of the New York State Bar.
  • 송동호 종합로펌, Dine-in Theater에서 Employee Appreciation Night 진행 10/14/2016

    로펌 성장의 중심에 있는 인재들을 소중히 여기며 감사와 응원을 아끼지 않는 송동호 종합로펌이 지난 9월 28일, Employee Appreciation Night 을 가졌습니다.

    이번 행사는 뉴저지 포트리에 신규 오픈한 새로운 컨셉의 럭셔리 극장인 iPic Theater의 영화관 한 관을 전체 대관함으로써, 기존과 차별화된 컨셉으로 기획하고 진행 되었습니다.

    Private 하게 진행된 이번 행사는 장소의 컨셉에 맞추어 저녁식사를 하면서 영화를 관람하는 것이었습니다. 3-Course 로 구성된 Dinner 메뉴는 저희 로펌만을 위해서 준비가 되었기에 직원들의 만족도는 더욱 높았습니다. 영화는 마케팅팀에서 직원들의 의견을 수렴하여 한류스타인 이병헌씨가 나오는 리메이크 서부영화 Magnificent 7을 선택하였습니다. 이로 인해 미국인, 중국인 변호사들과 직원들에게 한류스타와 문화에 대해서도 소개해 주면서 문화 교류의 시간을 갖을 수 있었습니다.

    일부 직원들은 가족들과 함께 참여할 수 있어서 더욱 행복한 시간을 만끽하였다고 하였습니다. 소속 변호사들과 직원들은 다음번에는 어떤 획기적인 직원행사가 있을지 궁금하다며 벌써부터 기대감을 드러내었습니다.

    최고의 고객 서비스 제공을 위해서 최고의 직원 대상 서비스를 제공하는 저희 송동호 종합로펌의 모습을 꾸준히 지켜봐 주시기 바랍니다.

  • 사회에 공헌하는 송동호 종합 로펌 – 변호사의 재능 기부/자원 봉사 이야기 08/23/2016

    송동호 종합 로펌은 개인 변호사들의 사회 봉사 활동과 재능 기부를 지원하고 있습니다

    미국 변호사라는 직업은 알려져 있으면서도 하는 일은 무엇이고 어떻게 미국 변호사 있는지에 대한 조언은 쉽게 구할 없는 것이 사실입니다. 이에, 한국도 지사 설립을 계획하고 있는 송동호 종합 로펌의 류지현 변호사는 한국 대학생들에게 미국 변호사라는 직업을 소개하고 한국 대학생들이 궁금해 하는 점에 대해 답해주는 재능기부/자원봉사를 하고 있습니다. “미국 변호사 되고자 하는 많은 한국 /고등학생 그리고 대학생들의 훌륭한 조언자가 되기를 기대합니다. 

  • SONG LAW FIRM_BBQ PICNIC (20160708)07/12/2016
    SONG LAW FIRM_BBQ PICNIC @ Fort Lee Historic Park
  • H-1B Approval Announcement just started!07/12/2016

    Song Law Firm is informed today that one of its H-1B petitions has been approved! The beneficiary of the case is an accountant working for a Chinese company. She earned her master’s degree in accounting at a U.S. university. Song Law Firm expects more good news for its H-1B cases. Congratulations!
  • We Magazine - Interview (July, 2016)07/11/2016
    송동호 종합로펌의 D.C/Virginia 오피스 오픈 관련하여, 워싱턴에 거점을 두고 있는 미 동부지역의 대표적인 경제 메거진인 We Magazine에서 송동호 종합로펌의 대표 변호사와 인터뷰를 진행하였습니다. 송동호 종합로펌 발전을 기원해 주시는 한인 사회의 큰 기대라고 보고, 더욱 노력하는 송동호 종합로펌이 되고자 합니다.