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Song Law firm is running an internship program to find and train talented young students from Law Schools in the U.S. and Korea. Interns who proved their ability to achieve their goals and exceed our expectations will have additional points when they apply to Song Law Firm as legal professionals.

We wish your dreams come true to be the attorney with Song Law Firm.

Internship Programs

1L and/or 2L law students in law schools in the U.S. and Korea.
A 12-week-program, from the end of May to the end of August
(It can be adjustable based on each law school’s academic schedule)

Selection Process :
Submit required documents -> Interview -> Notification to applicants

Required documents :
Resume, Writing Sample (1 or 2 pages), Transcript

Program details:
1) 1:1 mentoring from the attorney whose practice area is matched.
2) Friday Brownbag Lecture in which the firm’s attorneys give a lecture on on-going cases.
3) Assisting attorneys for real cases and participating in litigations in courts.

If you have interest in the internship program at Song Law Firm, please send your required documents to hr@songlawfirm.com.

Internship Success Stories

  • Fordham
  • Harvard
  • Columbia
  • American
  • Handong
  • Northwestern

Fordham Law School

Internship story of Ms. Su Myung Moon

I had a two-month internship period with Song Law Firm’s Immigration department. I have always thought a period of two months is too short for adequate training in any area, but because of the comprehensiveness of Song Law Firm’s internship program, I gained valuable insight into the practice of immigration law as well as into the firm.

From Song Law Firm’s immigration staff and attorneys, I learned the many dimensions of immigration law from individual representation to corporate immigration practice. My experience at Song Law Firm also allowed me an opportunity to understand what it is like to enter the practice with a specialty. Attorneys at Song Law Firm helped me understand the bureaucratic intricacies and interactions with decision makers in the field of immigration law, and the mentorship provided me a solid foundation upon which I learned how to provide effective representation to clients.

At Song Law Firm, it was clear to me that building a demographically and culturally diverse firm is a core tenet. As such, the firm uniquely positions itself to address clients’ immigration needs globally. I was very lucky to work under immigration attorneys who are highly experienced in handling large volumes of cases and possess unique knowledge in this sector of law. I was exposed to a variety of work of a complex nature and was also given valuable opportunities to directly interact with clients. I am very grateful to have been guided and trained by experienced attorneys at Song Law Firm, and I wish to be an attorney who demonstrates the same level of ethics and professionalism one day.

Harvard Law School

Internship story of Ms. Jaehyun Oh

I worked as a summer intern at Song Law Firm for two consecutive years: first after my 1L year, and then again this past summer after my 2L year. Because I was born and raised in Korea up until high school, and came to the U.S. for college, I am interested in serving Korean communities in the U.S. the best I can. Specifically, one of the professional goals I have is to use my unique linguistic skills and cultural knowledge about Korea to provide high-quality legal service to Koreans, Korean-Americans, and other immigrants in the U.S. This is why, when I found out about Song Law Firm on the internet during my 1L year, I immediately knew that I wanted to do my internship there.

Throughout my 1L year internship, I felt that I had made a right choice. At Song Law Firm, attorneys from various countries and with diverse backgrounds collaborate to serve minority communities, including the significant Korean population living in the Fort Lee area. Additionally, unlike small law offices owned by Korean solo practitioners, Song Law Firm can provide legal services across all areas of the law. This was a huge attraction for me, as I do not want to be confined to a particular area of the law just yet, until I find out for myself what I enjoy the most. On the other hand, Song Law Firm internship was also different from internships at huge law firms, where associates do not get a chance to really get to know the senior attorneys and the managing partners. Song Law Firm has a great group of co-workers and lawyers, each one of which I felt comfortable with within a few days of starting the internship.

In sum, I highly recommend trying out a summer internship at Song Law Firm for any law school student who would like to build practical, hands-on experience in many practice areas, and who values having a friendly, energetic work environment.

Columbia Law School

Internship story of Mr. Peter Jimin Shin

I found out about Song Law Firm while I was 2L at Columbia Law School as I was looking for 2L Summer Internship. I was at first surprised by the fact that there is a Korean law firm with such considerable size near New York so I applied for the internship position. As I got to meet lawyers from Song Law Firm, especially Mr. Song the Founder, through interviews, I was deeply impressed with them so I chose Song Law Firm instead of other offers I had.

I had an opportunity to do many different substantive legal works at Song Law Firm. They were very fruitful and practical experiences for me as I was preparing myself after graduation. It was also very enjoyable that I could participate in other administrative aspects of the law firm such as Marketing. I especially liked writing legal columns or making videos that would be uploaded on YouTube.

The work environment was great. I could learn much from supervising lawyers who are experts at what they are doing. Other co-workers were kind and friendly too. There were many events for employees so not only I had fun, but also got to eat so much good food. The Song Law Firm Internship was for me an excellent opportunity through which I learned much, met so many good people, and had various experiences. It was very special and valuable time for me.

American Law School

Internship story of Ji Hyun Ryu, Esq.

I got to know about Song Law Firm’s internship program when I was a 2L at American Law School by a senior student who was working in New Jersey. As you already know, the 2L internship is very important since it is closely related to getting a job.

I worked at a large law firm as an intern during my 1L summer. I was disappointed with the attorneys who were so busy to give any advice. In addition, what I experienced at a school’s clinic program was very limited in its practice areas. It made me very cautious when I made a decision about my 2L internship.

My summer internship at Song Law Firm was such a great experience. The mentoring program helped me to make a specific plan for my future as an attorney. Since I had to assist in various practice areas, it was great help to experience such variety as an intern. Of course, it was an advantage that I could visit and enjoy the culture of New York City every weekend.

Even after the internship, my mentor from Song Law Firm was always supporting me. When I got a job offer, without hesitation, I responded, “I definitely want to join Song Law Firm!”

After 2 years working for the Song Law Firm, I think I made a wise decision. I hope your dreams come true to be the attorney with Song Law Firm’s internship program.

Handong Law School

Internship story of Mr. Jaehoon Oh

Handong Law School student, at Song Law Firm
I am a 3L at Handong International Law School and I have a plan to take the DC bar exam next year. I heard about Song Law Firm's internship program. As a fast growing law firm in the New York and New Jersey areas, Song Law Firm practice almost all areas of practice. It encouraged me to apply for the oppotunity.

I was assigned to the Immigration Law Unit, which is one of the busiest units at the firm. Immigration Law if federal. I am a Korean law student who wants to practice law in U.S. I will have more opportunities to practice federal laws, instead of state laws. Working at the immigration unit was definitely a great opportunity.

During the winter, I worked on various immigration cases. I improved my legal translation skill much. I prepared immigration petition packages. I was able to have hands-on-experience and observed real-time lawyering. I also learned that the lawyer market is also competitive. From my experience at Song Law Firm, I got a better understanding of American laws and I became more confident in reading and understanding legal documents.

When I become a lawyer, I would like to practice corporate law. Although it was a short period of time, I have learned much and I can affirm that it was such a good time.

KAIST - Northwestern Law School

Internship Story of Ms. Hyobin Hwang, a student of Northwestern

As approaching my last semester at KAIST- Northwestern School of Law dual degree program, I wanted to have excess to the real legal work environment. After conducting intensive research, I got to learn about an internship opportunity at Song Law Firm.

One of the most impressive aspects of my internship at Song Law Firm was that the firm deals with a variety of legal cases in New Jersey as well as New York so that I was able to expose to many different kinds of cases including immigration, criminal, civil and trademark during the internship.

I built my practical skills such as legal writing and legal research as well as developed interpersonal skills while communicating with clients and coworkers. To be specific, I supported immigration documentation, prepared documents for civil cases, translated documents, which later used as evidence for family cases, and helped clients to acquire government child support services information.

Now, I am much more confident about myself than before and the internship at Song Law Firm was a fascinating experience. I strongly believe that the internship program at Song Law Firm will bring you a beneficial and joyful experience.