Our Firm

Our attorneys value our clients’ time. We measure clients’ satisfaction not only by attorneys’ ability but also how fast and actively we work on cases. Song Law Firm always considers our clients’ convenience first when we provide consultations and proceed with their cases.

One of Song Law Firm’s principles is having a consultation before proceeding with a case. It is the same reason why every doctor checks his/her client’s eating habits, symptoms and uniqueness before they start treatment. Our attorneys fully understand our clients’ legal problems, what they expect as a result and what their special situations are through consultation. Those understandings are the key points of success.

You can retain us by the following steps.

Song Law Firm offers a free-consultation and a fee-based consultation depending on a case. To check if your consultation will be charged or not, and to get details about consultation options, please click the link in below.
When you decide to retain us, you can sign a retainer and pay its retainer fee. Then, we can open your account and start your case.
If you have any questions in regards to retaining Song Law Firm, please call us at 201-461-0031 or e-mail us at mail@songlawfirm.com.
Song Law Firm will always do our best to achieve successful results for all our clients.