Success Stories


Representing two conflicting parties who used to be friends in USA and Korea with delicate manner 10/09/2015

Our client had been using his friend’s credit cards for several years without telling his friend who left the country. Things got out of hand and he realized the severity of his actions and confessed to his friend before coming to our office to resolve any issues that he might have caused. Our main concern both for the client and his friend was to make sure the friend’s credit was not ruined and he would have no problems in opening future accounts. We made sure to obtain all information pertaining to the friend’s credit and ensured that all existing accounts were closed for fraud prevention. It was interesting because we represented two conflicting parties, but both parties were fully cooperative in making sure all issues between them were resolved. We made numerous contacts with the friend who was in Korea to make sure we were representing his interests and assuring him that everything would be resolved and he was very satisfied with our service.