Success Stories


Mortgage Debt of $352,175 – Chapter 7 Foreclosure and keep the client’s favorite car 08/07/2017

Mr. Lee came to us with a concern of paying mortgage. He hadn’t paid his mortgage for almost 2 years. His mortgage debt was $352,175. He tried to sell the house to pay off the mortgage but the current value of the house was only $290,784. In this case, the bank can sue him to get the difference even when he sells his house and pay it to the bank. In addition, he loved his car so much and wanted to keep it whatever happens.

Song Law Firm’s bankruptcy team suggested filing a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. By filing a bankruptcy, he was discharged from the debt. In addition, he was able to keep his car because Song Law Firm recommended an appropriate exemption option.

The client is ready to make a fresh start now and we wish the best for the client.