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Student Loan of $58,000 and Credit Card Debt of $12,580 - Chapter 7 Bankruptcy and Student Loan Modification 08/11/2017

The client came to us with a lot of papers to discuss about his bankruptcy. He was facing $12,580 in debt from various sources including multiple credit cards. In addition, he had a student loan of $58,000, which is not generally discharged by filing a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. Song Law Firm’s Bankruptcy team reviewed his documents and recommended a student loan modification program along with filing a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. The process took about 8 months but went well without any issue. All of his debt of $12,580 was discharged. In addition, Song Law Firm’s attorneys were able to negotiate a settlement that reduced his student loan from $58,000 to $52,000 by persuading the bank based on his current financial status. Such student loan reductions are very rare and tough to negotiate, and we cannot guarantee the same result for every case. The client was thoroughly satisfied with the end result.