Success Stories


Wrongful termination, settled for $125,000 10/02/2015

Ever been fired from a job? Our client, after working as a nurse in the same hospital for 25 years, was fired trying to bring up the issues of inadequate patient care within the hospital. We filed a suit under the New York Healthcare Worker Whistle Blower Statute that prohibits employers from firing healthcare professionals who “blow the whistle” on patient care issues. She was simply working to help the welfare of the patients, however, the hospital stated that they fired her because she had made a mistake that resulted in a patient going through an unnecessary procedure. On the other hand, we argued that the procedure was not our client’s fault and the hospital is simply using it as a pretext to fire her. Despite stating that they will not pay more than $15,000 nuance value to get rid of the suit. After bringing them to mediation we were able to obtain a settlement of $125,000.