Success Stories


Employer cheating on our client’s overtime pays him six-month’s salary. 12/07/2015

The hard-working supervisor had been fired without a cause. The company planned to send him packing with just a month’s severance payment ($4000). He believed that it was an unfair decision and came to Song Law Firm.

During the consultation, Song Law Firm attorneys identified unpaid overtime “off the clock”. He had started work early every day but never been paid for it. Song Law Firm’s attorneys contacted the employer and soon the employer raised the separation offer to $17,000, which is four-times more than the original amount. Our attorneys cautioned the employer that the law sometimes doubles unpaid overtime as a penalty to a knowing violator.

Finally, the employer settled his claim for nearly $24,000, six-times more than the original amount. Our client satisfied with the result and thanked Song Law Firm.