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License taken by state restored to teacher 04/26/2018

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Before a businessperson can help children, the State insists you get a license. The risk is that if the state chooses to revoke the license, at its own discretion, you will go out of business instantly.


Our client devotes his life to teaching children. The State recognized that our client teaches the children well and provides a safe, conducive environment for their learning. Their reasoning involved accounting and attendance records-related matters. These days, it is being recognized that the denial of a license threatens a provider’s livelihood. Without the license, children could no longer look forward to attending his class, and the business would eventually go bankrupt. Our attorney, however, showed that the State’s own regulations were convoluted and far beyond the capacity of a non-lawyer to understand. We contested the proposed revocation to an Administrative Court, and our powerful argument resulted in the State agreeing that our client could keep his license.



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