Success Stories


Victory over Security Deposit Dispute 10/02/2015

Whether it be from renting a house up in the mountains for a week or from your apartment you are currently living in, security deposits have become a standard when renting from others. Unfortunately, as prominent as they may be they are typically handled unfairly, frequently benefiting the landlord. Without proper attention, the thousands of dollars you put up as a security deposit could easily slip away as was the case of one of our clients.
Our client (to be) had decided to move out at the end of her lease. In the process of finalizing her move from the condominium, she was “billed” for damages in the amount, only $100 less than her entire deposit.
Alarmed and frustrated, she came to Song Law Firm for help. Knowing that this matter had to be resolved quickly and efficiently, Song Law Firm’s experienced attorney was assigned to the case. Immediately he opened up negotiations with the Landlord and their attorney. After several correspondences and in about a two week’s time, our Attorney was able to convince the landlord that their “bill” was unjust and demanded the return of the deposit. It was granted.
Fortunately, our client moved out with total deposit amount except administrative fee in her pocket.