Success Stories


Dealing with unreasonable tenant 10/09/2015

A client, the landlord, of a property in northern New Jersey entered into a lease contract with the tenant for a two-year term. Despite the terms of the lease, the tenant notified our client that he would terminate the Lease and vacate the Property very soon, requiring our client to find a new tenant immediately. Our client did locate a new tenant and subsequently entered into a new lease with them. Contrary to what was stated, the tenant did not vacate the property but continued to occupy and use the property. Consequently, our client was forced to compensate the new tenant who was entitled to occupy and use the property under the new lease. Moreover, the tenant failed to pay rent for five months, and also owed late rent fees, property damage fees and breach of contract fees. In the end, the two parties settled the dispute at an amount more than our client, the landlord, expected.