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NJ is one of the most tenant-friendly states but the law also protects landlords. And we prove it 03/30/2015

It is common to have a year-to-year lease tenancy for residential houses or apartments. However when a year-to-year lease tenancy is terminated without renewal, it generally becomes a month-to-month tenancy. In the case of a month-to-month tenancy, a landlord can terminate the tenancy by sending a notice to quit to a tenant.

Recently, a client who has a condo in New Jersey visited our firm. He lived in a different state for his job, but wanted to come back to New Jersey. Because of such, he sent a notice to quit to his condo tenants, but they refused to vacate the condo so the client hired a lawyer and filed a lawsuit. The court then made a decision in favor of the tenants on the grounds that that the client did not followed the rules and procedures correctly to serve termination notices to the tenants.

The landlord then came to our firm with his distressing situation. We checked all details of this case and studied it thoroughly. We found that the tenants violated the rental agreement several times including failing to pay rent on time. In addition, there were multiple instances when the tenants violated the condo rules. Generally, such violations help landlords to move quickly to terminate the tenancy and evict tenants. Therefore we sent a notice to quit to the tenants according to the rules and procedures and then filed a complaint against the tenants. Although the tenants had their own legal representation and counsel, they none the less vacated the condo immediately after the complaint was served.

NJ is one of the tenant-friendly states. However, that does not mean that the law ignores landlords’ rights. We just need to know the laws and procedures.