Success Stories


Attorney's experience and perseverance brings good results to client's case 03/02/2017

Our client was in the right lane of a two lane roadway.  Suddenly, a tractor trailer made a right turn from the left lane directly in front of the client.  He was able to stop in time but the two cars immediately behind him struck him in the rear.  He suffered injuries to his neck and upper back.  The tractor trailer was mentioned but not identified in the accident report.  We investigated the scene and determined that tickets were issued to permit us to locate and serve the driver and owner of the tractor trailer with the Complaint.  This was essential as the other drivers, though negligent in our opinion were pointing to the tractor trailer as the cause of the accident.  The insurance companies could not agree so we set a conference with a judge to force the issue two weeks before the trial.  We settled with agreeable contributions from all three defendants.  Our client told us he never imagined we could obtain the result.