Success Stories


Negotiated a satisfactory settlement despite serious prior injuries 08/29/2017

Our client got into a second motor vehicle accident before her claim for a previous accident was fully resolved. The first accident in 2011 left her with permanent injuries and discomfort in her neck, lower back, bilateral shoulders, and knees, and at the time of the second accident four years later, she was still feeling pain whenever she turned her neck or remained seated for more than an hour. The problem was that the drivers at fault for either accident may have tried shifting blame on our client to lower the damages they might have had to pay.

We, Song Law Firm’s Personal Injury team, contacted several specialist doctors to receive a legal statement certifying that the injuries our client suffered from the 2011 accident were sufficiently severe for her to make a legal claim. We also filed a civil suit against the driver at fault for the 2011 accident, to emphasize that we would not accept an unsatisfactory settlement offer. As for the 2015 accident, we received doctors’ statements specifying the injuries that were caused or aggravated by this later accident. As a result, the client could settle at a desired amount for each of the two accidents. The Client expressed her great satisfaction with the Personal Injury team’s meticulous case handling.