Success Stories


Accident at Parking Lot Leads to Settlement Agreement 09/08/2017

Our client suffered a serious injury on his right shoulder from a slip and fall accident in the parking lot of his workplace. The resulting pain was so severe that he could not use his right arm and had to undergo shoulder surgery. However, the stiffness and pain in his arm and shoulder continued months after treatment. Our client decided to take off from work, which required physical labor. Even after three months of rest, his shoulder injury made it difficult to perform normally at work. Eventually our client quit his job.

When our client brought his case to Song Law Firm, our personal injury team discovered that the parking lot where the accident occurred was a dark, poorly lit space with frozen ice. The hazardous condition helped prove that the accident was due to careless management. By emphasizing our client’s inability to work and the consequent personal and financial loss, we were able to negotiate and settle a large compensation from the parking lot management company's insurance provider.