Success Stories


Your Reputation should be protected even in cyberspace. 08/08/2017

Our client, a student in Pennsylvania who has maintained a positive reputation throughout life, came to us because of certain defamatory statements someone else made about her on the Weibo social media website. The person who posted made defamatory statements about our client using a term that suggested, falsely and outrageously, that our client had engaged in an adulterous relationship with the poster’s spouse. Under Pennsylvania law, defamation consists of: (1) communication of a defamatory character; (2) its publication by the defendant; (3) its application to the plaintiff; (4) the understanding by the recipient of its defamatory meaning; (5) the understanding by the recipient of it as intended to be applied to the plaintiff; (6) special harm to the plaintiff resulting from its publication; and (7) abuse of a conditionally privileged occasion. Our litigation team attorneys, who specialize in defamation law, drafted and sent a very strong cease and desist letter to the poster. Upon receipt of our letter, the poster immediately deleted the defamatory remarks from Weibo.