Success Stories


We protected the client’s civil rights with $150,000.00 jury verdict 11/14/2017

Society must entrust the police with considerable discretion, and hold them responsible when they abuse it. Our client, was arrested and thrown to the ground. Although the arresting officer claimed it was pursuant to an alert, we revealed that the officer ignored the description provided by the complainant, which didn’t match our client. Tellingly, the officer’s notebook, where key information is recorded, was blank, and allowed the jury to infer that the policemen lacked the information. Furthermore, we proved that he could not have been running away, because he was recovering from a broken leg. Thus the stop, force used to detain him, and time spent incarceration, was unnecessary and ipso facto excessive. Being tackled by the police officers aggravated his leg injury, delaying his recovery by five months. To fairly compensate him, the jury awarded him $165,000 (reduced to $150,000 in exchange for waiving appeal.)