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Song Law Firm Protected a Client From Credit Card Processing Company Scam 03/07/2018

Song Law Firm represented a client who had been running an online shopping mall for years. Our client, dissatisfied with the service provided by the credit card processing company he signed up for, asked for termination of the service. However, he later found that the company had not honored his request. Even more surprising was the fact that they had been charging our client exorbitant service fees, month after month. Frustrated and furious, our client reached out to Song Law Firm for help. Experienced lawyers at Song Law Firm responded immediately, sending a letter to the credit card company calling for immediate cancellation of the service and warning them that the law firm would take whatever legal measures were necessary to resolve the matter. Upon receiving the letter, the credit card processing company in question sent a reply affirming it had terminated our client’s service once and for all and that it would not be charging him for service fees of any sort. Our client, who had been struggling for months over this issue, was extremely happy with the outcome and thanked our attorneys for their prompt action and professionalism.

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