Success Stories


[E] E-1 employee’s change of status to E-2 visa through a new employer successfully approved 10/31/2017

The client retained Song Law Firm to change his employer. Upon review, the client has been present in the U.S. in a previously granted E-1 status. Since the new employer was an E-2 treaty investor company, our immigration team prepared his I-129 petition with request for change of status. To be classified as an E-2 employee, such an employee must be either executive/supervisory employee or essential employee with specific qualifications. Based on the managerial duties of the proffered position as well as our client’s professional experience and educational qualification, we filed the petition as a managerial employee with detailed job descriptions highlighting the nature of the position - ultimate control and responsibility for overall operation. This case was approved within a week without an RFE. Congratulations!