Success Stories


[Family Based] U.S. Citizen’s petition for his foreign wife who has never lived together approved 11/10/2017

The client is a U.S. citizen who retained Song Law Firm for his foreign wife’s immigrant visa based on their marriage. Prior to retaining our firm, they had a wedding reception in wife’s country and travelled to Hawaii for their honeymoon. They had planned to live together permanently in the U.S. following the honeymoon and process a green card application. Upon their arrival at the Hawaii airport, however, the inspection officer discovered the wife’s intention to reside in the U.S. Because the wife did not hold a valid immigrant visa but was entering the U.S. through visa waiver program (VWP), the officer denied the wife’s admission and returned her to her home country. Our experience immigration attorneys prepared the client’s immigrant petition even in the absence of any evidence of common residence and joint documents, and the petition was finally approved. Now they are waiting for visa interview abroad.