Success Stories


[E] E-2 employee visa approved by DOS after USCIS’s denial of previous L-1A extension 11/20/2017

The client visited Song Law Firm after his first request for L-1A status extension was denied by USCIS. Based on thorough review after consultation, we discovered that the client had not been properly advised from his former counsel that there was an increased risk of denial when an L-1A executive or manager’s extension is requested without a sufficient number of subordinate employees and that delayed business operation cannot excuse such a defect. Our experienced attorneys at Song Law Firm’s immigration team concluded that there was no hope of success when filing a motion to reopen; instead, we advised the client to immediately depart the U.S. to apply for E-2 visa through consular processing without accruing additional unlawful presence. Per our legal advice, our client returned to his home country and prepared E-2 documents including a revised business plan, including HR personnel plans and financial projections, with additionally invested funds and staff. We also prepared documents to overcome the grounds of his previous L-1A extension denial, to demonstrate the business feasibility and the required qualifications for E-2 employee. The U.S. consulate office abroad approved our client’s E-2 visa application immediately after the visa interview. Congratulations!