Success Stories


[EB3] Derivative child’s accompanying I-485 application was timely approved before aging-out 12/05/2017

This client was the minor child of our existing clients who had previously obtained their permanent resident status based on an approved employment petition filed by Song Law Firm’s Immigration Team. Although this child was almost reaching his 21st birthday, he was undecided about filing of his green card application when his parents and sibling had already filed their applications. Under the U.S. immigration law, a spouse and a minor child (under 21 years old), who do not independently have a basis to adjust status outside of their relationship to the principal immigrant, derive their status from the principal immigrant as either an accompanying or a follow-to-join beneficiary. After much persuasion, our client was finally convinced and filed his I-485 application as an accompanying derivative child. This application was recently approved before the client turned 21 years old even without the need for application of CSPA (Child Status Protection Act). Congratulations!

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