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[H] H-1B Level 1 Wage RFE Successfully Quashed! 02/23/2018

For many of our clients, waiting for the result of an H-1B filed this year is like living life on the edge after the USCIS’s new challenge in prevailing wage issues. They do not know what is going to happen and whether they may have to pack up and leave the country in case of denial. That is why when this client’s H-1B was finally approved, she was absolutely thrilled!

Our Immigration Team has been seeing numerous RFEs related to level-1 wage designation for the H-1B petitions that were filed this year. The more intense scrutiny of the applications for H-1B visa came after President Donald Trump called for changes to the visa program so that it benefits the highest-paid workers, though not enacted any such reforms through legislation. It is no accident that the issuance of 85,000 RFEs between January 1 and August 31, 2017 on H-1B visa petitions, a 45% increase over the same period last year, coincided with this call for changes. So far, we have had tremendous success in tackling the issue head on with highly-tailored responses to each of the RFEs based on a case-by-case analysis and preparation and having the H-1B petitions approved. In this case, a client hired by a Chinese language school as an instructional coordinator is now able to stay on with the school after the expiry of her OPT and continue working under her recently approved H-1B status.

With our track record of success and with continuous knowledge building and relevant up-to-date information on the latest trending issues and ways to overcome them, Song Law Firm’s dynamic Immigration Team can confidently boast that we possess the necessary strategies and tactics to successfully quash the level-1 RFEs.

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[RFE Success Story 2: Architect Designer’s H-1B approved after our successful response to the Wage Level RFE]

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