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[Others] J-1 2-Year Home Residency Requirement Waived 03/05/2018

Client who came to the United States from China on a J-1 visa wanted to have the 2-year home residency requirement waived on her J-1 visa so that she can apply for an O-1 and be able to continue working here after the expiry of her J-1. The J-1 waiver process can be quite intricate and time consuming and involves obtaining a “no-objection” letter from the home country’s consulate general. After completing all the required steps, the residency requirement on the client’s J-1 visa was successfully approved for a waiver.

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2-year home residency requirement on J-1 visa is verified

[Success story of Song Law Firm]

[Architect Designer’s H-1B approved after our successful response to the Wage Level RFE]