Success Stories


[H] Small Company Sponsors an H-1B visa 03/30/2015

A small import-export company located in Palisades Park, New Jersey that has only existed for five years decided to sponsor an H-1B visa petition for the first time. The said individual at the time was an employee of the company with a J-1 visa. This particular case had a few points of difficulty to keep in mind.

First, the small size of the company and the fact that it had never before sponsored an H-1B visa petition were the initial obstacles. Moreover, this individual had majored in law in Korea, and it was a difficult challenge to convince USCIS of the fact that an import-export company seeks to hire a law major. Thus, our attorneys gave extra attention and care in comprehending the specific job duties of the individual and researching various job descriptions that would apply to H-1B status and be appropriate for the individual’s particular position.

As a result, we were able to find an appropriate job description and convince USCIS of its compatibility with our client. As we had anticipated, USCIS sent a request for evidence regarding confirmation that the said company is eligible to sponsor H-1B visas as well as explanation of why the submitted job description is a needed position at the company. We had no problem responding to that request for it was what we had expected. Thus, we were able to file an answer to the request immediately and thereafter, the H-1B visa petition was approved.

It was rewarding to not only witness the satisfaction of our client who was afforded the opportunity to continue working in the US, but also to hear from the president of the company that they were grateful that they did not have to bid farewell to such a faithful and sincere employee.