Success Stories


[H] Computer Programmer’s H-1B petition approved after successful RFE response 12/10/2018

The client is a computer programmer who applied for H-1B for FY2019. After filing the petition, USCIS issued a Request for Evidence (“RFE”), requesting to provide further documentation to demonstrate whether the offered position qualifies as a specialty occupation requiring at least a bachelor’s degree in a specific field of study. As reported in the media, USCIS has been issuing RFEs at unprecedented rates since last year. So far, Song Law Firm Immigration Team has had tremendous success in tackling the issue with highly-tailored responses to each of the RFEs based on a case-by-case analysis and preparation. In this case too, we prepared a persuasive and logical response based on a thorough analysis, and the petition was approved within a week after submitting the response. Congratulations!