Success Stories


[H] Graphic Designer’s H-1B transfer petition approved 12/26/2018

The client is a graphic designer who has recently been laid off from her former H-1B employer. Although she had up to 60 days grace period to file a transfer petition following the termination of employment according to the new regulation, it was not easy for her to find a new employer willing to sponsor her H-1B during the limited time. At the last minute she was able to obtain a new sponsor, and Song Law Firm Immigration Team immediately prepared and filed her H-1B transfer petition. Given that USCIS’s RFE issuance rate in H-1B cases has increased by nearly 400 percent and that USCIS has rescinded its previous deference policy in H-1B transfer/extension cases, it is a great news that our client received an approval in a month even without an RFE during this temporary suspension of premium processing service. Congratulations!