Success Stories


[H] Market Research Analyst’s H-1B Transfer with Recapturing Extension Approved 06/27/2019

A market research analyst’s H-1B transfer petition with request for recapturing has been approved. Recently, the number of H-1B request for evidence (“RFE”) and denials for market research analysts or marketing-related occupations has sharply increased. This is because USCIS tends to view such occupations do not qualify as a specialty occupation requiring a minimum bachelor’s degree in related field of study. This increased scrutiny also applies to H-1B transfer or extension cases as USCIS has rescinded its previous policy giving deference to the findings of a previously approved H-1B petition. As such, our experienced attorneys prepared this case with the utmost care with new documents related to the new employer showing , and this case was successfully approved without an RFE. Congratulations.