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[Others] [Others] Deportation against an Asylum-Based Permanent Resident Terminated 08/09/2019

This client had obtained his lawful permanent residency in 2011 based on the grant of asylum. He retained Song Law Firm after receiving a Notice to Appear (“NTA”) from the government placing him in removal proceedings based on the alleged charge of fraud and misrepresentation while obtaining his asylum. After our review of the file promptly obtained through FOIA request, it was revealed that the asylum office initiated an investigation on a fraudulent asylum scheme targeted a group of arrested attorneys and staff. Since our client’s previous asylum claim was legitimate notwithstanding the mere fact that her case was handled by the convicted attorney’s office, we requested the Immigration Judge (“IJ”) to dismiss the fraud charge. We also argued that the instant proceedings should be terminated based on the precedential cases of the Federal Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit, interpreting relevant regulations related to the statute of limitations, which held that the government cannot initiate removal proceedings based on an alleged fraudulent adjustment of status if such an alien has already been adjusted to a permanent resident for more than 5 years. The IJ eventually terminated the client’s removal proceedings. Song Law Firm’s successful advocacy helped to secure our client’s permanent resident status.