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[Others] [Family Based] Green Card Issued to a U.S. Citizen Spouse Who Previously Used a Visa Agent 08/09/2019

This client who came to the U.S. as a tourist married to a U.S. citizen. She now has a beautiful child. When she applied for her tourist visa abroad, she used an agent simply because she was not familiar with the process. Her visa was soon issued. She later learned after her entry that the broker was arrested for fraud. Our client had provided the agent with legitimate documentation required for visa application but was concerned if any document not prepared by herself was submitted by the agent without her knowledge. We advised her during the initial consultation that we need to review her previous visa records and that she may need an I-601 application to waive inadmissibility ground if necessary. accordingly, we obtained her visa-related records from the U.S. government agency through FOIA request. After our careful review, we found that her visa was validly issued without involvement of any potential fraud issue. Her adjustment of application based on bona fide marriage was approved. Congratulations.