Success Stories


Even if only one spouse’s name is on a deed, a real property can still be distributed to both spouses when they divorce. 09/22/2017

Song Law Firm represented a husband in his 60s in a divorce action filed by his wife. All children born from the marriage were all emancipated. The main asset in this divorce was a real property that was solely in the wife's name. The parties had purchased the house in only the wife's name because our client was working in Korea and had sent his wife and children to the United States for their children to study in the United States. The client had lived in Korea for the better part of their 37-year marriage.  The wife disputed any rights of the husband to the real property because it was solely under her name, they had been separated for a long time, and she had paid for the mortgage with her own income. However, Song Law Firm’s experienced family lawyer refuted the wife’s argument by emphasizing the fact that our client had diligently worked throughout the marriage and supported living costs and tuition of the children and that without such contribution the wife would not be able to pay for the mortgage.  As a result of this, our client received a lump sum payment from his wife, representing his share/interest in the real property.