Success Stories


Dismissal of a temporary restraining order by proving a spouse's false statement 09/29/2017

After many years of separation with his wife, client had reconciled and moved back in with her. After a short period of this, the wife obtained a temporary restraining order against the husband on the basis of false allegations. The allegations included that the client threatened to harm his wife with a kitchen knife when only arguments had taken place. The client retained Song Law Firm to defend him aggressively against the temporary restraining order.

Song Law Firm's experienced family lawyers worked with the client to dismiss and remove the temporary restraining order. Our attorneys analyzed the wife's statements which were made when she had applied for the temporary restraining order very carefully through numerous meetings with the client and realized that the wife deliberately misrepresented the facts. Therefore, our attorneys collected evidence proving the wife’s misrepresentation and with such evidence we successfully removed and dismissed the temporary restraining order.