Success Stories


One-Sided Final Judgment of Divorce Undone for Our Client 03/01/2018

Deeming the terms of a final judgment highly unfair, a husband in his 80s retained Song Law Firm after his wife had received the judgment of divorce against him. The wife had filed for divorce about six months prior, and because the client had not responded to the divorce action, the wife was able to receive the final judgment of divorce in her favor: she was to receive $300,000 more than her husband from the sale of their marital home. Song Law Firm’s attorneys filed a motion to vacate the judgment and successfully vacated the judgment for the client by pointing out procedural errors contained in the wife’s divorce papers and submitting the client’s specific circumstances. Armed with experience and expertise, Song Law Firm’s attorneys were able to undo the one-sided final judgment of divorce and have earned the husband an opportunity to litigate his case before the Court.