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Mother’s Child Support Safeguarded Thanks to Song Law Firm 03/06/2018

Song Law Firm represented a mother of two young children in opposing the father’s motion to reduce child support. Two years after the parties’ divorce, the father filed a request with the court to reduce child support considerably, stating he had resigned from him well-paying job and now had very little income from his new business. Song Law Firm vehemently opposed the father’s motion and aggressively argued before the court to get the father’s motion denied. The Court agreed with Song Law Firm’s position and decided to protect the mother and her two children and ultimately denied the father’s request to reduce child support. The Court further ordered an additional penalty to be paid by the father for his arrears in child support. Our client was happy with the outcome of the case and was grateful for Song Law Firm’s services.

“Your lifetime Legal Partner, Song Law Firm”
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